2018 San Francisco Women's March Short Doc | 360 video
The Snow White Singers "Put a Little Love..." in 360

The Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley's "Little Throck" players present the final song in the Snow White "panto."  Stand in the middle of the group of singing thespians as they inject a little love into YOUR heart.  You can use the mouse to move your viewpoint in 360 degrees while playing but requires a Google Cardboard viewer and compatible smartphone to view as intended, in a headset-mounted display.

Fun on the Midway @Marin County Fair

Capturing the pure exuberant joy of being on the carnival midway on the 4th of July at the Marin County Fair.

Director/Camera/Edit:  Gary Yost
Aerial team:  Jamie Clay - pilot, Gary Yost - camera
Assistant Camera/Edit:  Will Hoppin
Production assistant: Ruby Yost

Special thanks to Libby Garrison, Dept. of Cultural Services, Marin County, California

Hidden Benefits of the Rubik's Cube

Who knows what might happen when you master the Cube?  Will Hoppin lets us in on how Cubing can lead to unexpected positive results.  

First test of my DIY "Interrotron" interviewing tool, invented by documentary filmmaker Errol Morris.  

Description of the technique.  
Interview with Errol Morris about the importance of eye contact.  

Shot on Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k using Arri Alexa color science in DaVinci Resolve.

Hawaiian Tree Bones, Infrared Time-lapse

Ancestor akua (spirits) embodied by Māmane tree bones. These trees are on Kohala mountain, the first volcano that rose from the seabed to create the Big Island of Hawaii. For more information about Māmane, including how their branches are used by Hawaiians to create dry-land sled runners (yes, sled runners), see: tinyurl.com/qb4njbc

Pre-European Chant: "Ku'u wahine i ka ua 'Ulalena" by Charles Albert Manu'alkohanaiki'illili Boyd

Detailed article about how this was done.

The Great Stellated Icosahedron
Ladybugs Awakening

The ladybug, or sometimes called a lady beetle, has its name origin come from the Middle Ages where it was known as the “Beetle of Our Lady”. In that time, these beetles were dedicated to the Virgin Mary because it was believed this bug came from the heavens in order to save crops. Today, in many parts of the world, the ladybug is considered either a sign of a fruitful harvest, good weather, or just good luck.

In California and many other parts of the world, ladybugs overwinter (or hibernate which is called “Diapause” in the entomology world) in large aggregations in order to keep warm. Stumbling upon one of these sites, which can be along fences, in trees, under logs or rocks, is an awesome site.

Music "Ladybug" by Kim Fox.

The Imagination of Stonefox

Love is the true source of creativity (and a smile will increase your face value :-).  Explore where imagination comes from -- meet the artist known as Stonefox (aka Chuck Galvin) along with his sidekick T-Ball.  

Music:  "Imagination" performed by the Glenn Miller Orchestra, and "Imagination" performed by Park Stickney.

Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera raw test #2
Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera raw test #1
Inspire flitetest: Roberto Varriale's horses
Lilie Bytheway-Hoy
Full Moon Rising over SF (in 1 minute)
Yerba Buena Island Lighthouse study
Russ Kerr's Mill Valley barbershop

I woke up one day in early 2013 and felt compelled to make this "day in the life" about Russ Kerr, the man who cut my hair for (only) 15 years.  I say "only" because the majority of his customers have been going to him for decades.  He ran his shop in Mill Valley for 43 years and never fully retired.  He passed away only a few months after I shot this and so I present a  portrait of a man who has brought his community together in a way that is rarely seen nowdays.

4-minute iPhone portraits - David's Victrola
4-minute iPhone portraits - Rocket scientist Carl Stechman
BTS shooting DSLR from Bell Jet Ranger 407

Tutorial describing how I used an Aerial Exposures X8 gyroscopic mount to stabilize a helicopter shot of the Air Force Station ruins on the West Peak of Mt. Tamalpais.  Nikon D800, 16-35 f4 VR lens at f8 (VR on), 30p, 1/60th shutter, ISO 100, 2 stops of ND.  

Aerial Exposures ATM X8 gyro mount
Blue Sky Aerials, Antioch, California  
SF Helicopters (Ron Carter, pilot)