The Naqaqa Family Farm

Beauty, song and the Garden of Eden in this second film in the series from Vanua Levu — a very magical and musical short about Setareki the farmer and his family at the Naqaqa farm, near Nandala Bay and at the foot of Mt. Serenitoba on the island of Vanua Levu, Fiji.  They grow Taro, Casava, and vegetables — and they sing.  Like angels.

Every Fijian Dances & Sings

Join sister and brother Louisa Miller and Rodney Miller, and their cousin Alsace "Sonny" Miller Ratakalou, in an celebration of the joy of singing and dancing in Fiji.

Why Do Fijians Sing?

The gospel group "Faith Alone" explains in words and songs why they make such beautiful music with their voices.  Filmed on the island of Vanua Levu, Fiji at the Mumu's Resort near Savusavu.

Fiji: Innate Intelligence Through Music & Dance

Overview of how the Fijian people (the "vanua") pass on knowledge and customs through lullaby, music and dance (make).

Featuring Professor Rosiana Lagi (University of the South Pacific).

Songs in the Key of Rugby

Rugby is a way of life in Fiji, with deep meaning and spiritual significance. It is an expression of the passion and vitality of Fijian males and although their country has one of the worlds smallest populations, they have become a dominating force in the sport.  (Perhaps because their warrior heritage is quite recent!)  This short film made on the island of Vanua Levu explores how the player's fundamental connection to their village brings a level of heart to the game that is unmatched in western society.  
At the film's end, Dramea says "it's all about family."  As it is everywhere in Fiji.

How Singing the Gospel Changed Fiji

In only the last 100-150 years, Fijian people have come from a warrior culture to being renowned as one of the most loving and heartfelt people on our planet.  One of the prime movers in this rapid change was their adoption of the Gospel of Christ as a guide to follow a path of peace.  Singing is how Fijians express these feelings most eloquently.

Every Sunday, most Fijians are called to church with the lali (drum) and that quiet rhythm is an invitation for you to come along with us for 9 minutes of gospel wisdom. These are the people of Vivili village on the island of Vanua Levu.

Beauty of Fiji Can Make You Cry

Bula!   Impressions of some of the wonderful people on the island of Vanua Levu who work for the Naqaqa Giving Foundation in the area of Savusavu.  Once you've watched the entire film (don't forget the epilogue) you'll have as direct an emotional experience of what it's like to be there as you can without flying 8,000 miles.  

Features original music composed at Naqaqa by Julia Fordham, Judith Owen and of course local Fijians.
"Send Us a Quiet Night" verse 1, written by Christopher Somerville, performed by June Tabor.

Qoli Wawa, Nukubalavu Village, Fiji

The ancient 100 Nights ceremony in Nukubalavu July 2015, honoring the passing of Paramount Chief Tui na Savusavu (Ratu Suliano Naulu) and the coronation of his son (Ratu Golea Naulu) as the new chief.


Fijian Police Dance in the Streets

Bula vinaka!  Come to the parade!  Here's an experience of the world-renowned Fiji Police Marching Band as they boogie down the main street of Savusavu on the island of Vanua Levu.  

Yes, these are police.  And they dance in the streets in Fiji.

Rabi Islanders perform at Savusavu Open Day 2015

A little bit of the Rabi islander's backstory (including an interview with Kaako Nabong) and then the entire 22-minute music and dance performance in Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji on July 24, 2015.

The Banabans are known as the "Forgotten people of the Pacific" because they have suffered from one of the most horrific environmental disasters on the planet... their home has literally been destroyed by phosphate mining and the diaspora of these dispossessed people brought them to Rabi (pronounced Rambi) island, at the east coast of Vanua Levu, near Taveuni island.  The history of the Banaban people is here:

History of Rabi island:
History of Banaba (Ocean) Island:
"Caught Between Homelands" article:

Vivili Kids Singing After Church

After church we went to Lily's house for lunch and the kids serenaded me with more song and dance.  If only children in the West had this sort of playfulness and joy, especially after sitting two hours in church!   It is the dream of how we know children can be.  This is a companion piece to "How Singing the Gospel Changed Fiji".  

Tula Ram and his "Triple Up" truck, Savusavu Fiji

A tribute to one of the most resourceful, creative and kind people I know... Tula Ram in Savusavu on the island of Vanua Levu, Fiji.  His triple-cab Mazda Titan is the only one of its kind in Fiji, and perhaps the only one in the world.